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Стратегия «Exploder» для М 1

Don’t be left behind in the electronic age. Let PDF-eXPLODE fast track your document delivery and archiving into the electronic world using the best features for PDF Emailing or PDF Batch emailing. Using PDF-eXPLODE for document bursting or crystal report bursting, will definitely benefit you much more than the money you will save on postage. Imagine the savings – first there is the manual effort involved in sorting, collating, folding and enveloping. Then there is the paper and printing costs and finally the cost of postage.

As people demand more information, businesses are increasingly under pressure to better manage process times and costs and to find more efficient ways to communicate. But the manual process of printing, sorting and mailing stacks of paper, or sending e-mails one by one, is inefficient and costly. Enter PDF-eXPLODE…. It will make report bursting or PDF Emailing so easy; and the best part is, it requires no programming. It will automate document bursting and e-delivery by e-mailing a batch of personalized documents with a single action, making it easy for businesses to communicate regularly with their target audiences. Read more about electronic document delivery.


PDF-eXPLODE makes it easy and cost-effective for small, medium or large businesses to get their customers’ invoicing,vendors’ remittances and employee payslip information to the relevant people on time.

PDF -eXPL O DE has multiple delivery modes:

  • E-Mail is a primary delivery source for exploded or burst documents. However you can suppress e-mailing of burst documents.
  • Archive any report bursting or ‘exploded’ PDF to any drive on your server. This is based on a number of user definable rules
  • Fax exploded PDFs or SMS the email message content (up to a maximum of 160 characters) to any destination easily.
  • FTP delivery to web folders created ‘on the fly’, is available as an add-in

PDF Batch Email documents can be password secured ‘on the fly’ with industry standard 128 Bit encryption – just configure the password via a business rule

You can also use PDF-eXPLODE as a marketing E-mail blaster capable of merging data from your database into your message blast.

The best thing about the PDF-eXPLODE report bursting tool is it is very reasonably priced and comes with the best after sales service and support (with a turnaround time of a few hours to one business day) to assist you.

Robert Jurewicz.

Business Development Coordinator

Gardens Home Management Services, Florida USA

«We process around 550 Client Statements each month from our accounting software which was lacking an automated document delivery feature. With PDF-eXPLODE’s ability to link to most business software, we were able to quickly convert from the old cumbersome method of printing, sorting and mailing to a simple painless electronic process.

PDF-eXPLODE creates and saves a PDF copy of each multi page statement to a nominated folder on the hard drive and emails the PDF statement to our clients in approximately one hour all up. All this was possible with just the click of the PRINT button and we were even able to walk away and continue work on other important business. The process is automatic with no requirement to interact with the program. It goes without saying that the savings in time, postage and labor paid for the system within a short space of time. And the after sales support from 3000AD Systems, developers of the product, is courteous, fast and second to none.»

Kris Hart

Information Technology Manager

Bommer Industries, Inc, USA

«Purchasing PDF-eXPLODE was a GREAT decision for our company! We started using this product around 5 years ago and it saves us so much time and money that we can’t even begin to put a number on how much! We were faced with increasing postage costs as well as increasing labor costs and we had to find a way to reduce the amount of sent postage and also make our employees more efficient in their daily tasks.

Within the first hour of finding and testing PDF ExPLODE, we knew that it would be a perfect solution for us. and we were right. We send hundreds of documents to our customers on a weekly basis and so far this product has NOT let us down. We love it. We have programmed our reporting process around the PDF-Explode tags and by doing this we have shaved so much time off of sending documents to our customers. We have cut process times for various tasks from 8+ hours down to 5 minutes, from 3 hours to 5 minutes..etc..etc.. Just the sending of our daily Invoice batches save us at least 30 minutes everyday.

It’s simply a NO BRAINER if you are looking for a way to automate the sending of electronic documents. It’s very fast, support is great, and the cost of the product pays for itself very quickly. Try it, you will love it!»

Brad Barron, R.Ph.

Pharmacy Systems Coordinator

Bashas Grocers, Arizona USA

«PDF-eXPLODE support has been excellent. PDF-eXPLODE is a program that does what it says it’s going to do. The bottom line is it works and saves me a tremendous amount of time on a weekly basis. I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone who needs to distribute a large number of reports or invoices via e-mail on a regular basis.»

PDF -eXPL O DE Client base is spread across the following industries:

  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Building Industry
  • Environmental Protection Agencies
  • Forklift Hire
  • Financial Institutions
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Government bodies
  • Heavy equipment rentals
  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals, Medical Centers
  • IT support systems
  • Insurance / Brokers
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical Record Keeping
  • Office Plant Hire
  • Property Management
  • Radio Network
  • Schools and Universities
  • Transport

. and many more across 26 Countries


What do our Users say about PDF -eXPL O DE ?

Elaine Retz

California Retired Teachers Association, USA

We appreciate how much using this program has facilitated a big job and saved us a ton of money every month in supplies (printing, toner, envelopes, staples, labels, etc.) and POSTAGE! Your program not only saves us on the expense of supplies and postage but also saves us time too, which is equivalent to money saved!»

Martina Koziak

Chief Financial Officer

Page After Page USA

By combining the functionality of Crystal Reports with PDF-eXPLODE, we are now able to create and distribute hundreds of individual reports in under 15 minutes, a process that took us days in the past. PDF-eXPLODE saves us $700 a month. and we’re able to generate more revenue because my staff can focus on their core goals. Buying PDF-eXPLODE was a no-brainer»

Angela Meharg

As a sixteen year Crystal Reports specialist and veteran, I am thrilled with PDF-eXPLODE. It is one of the most clever applications I’ve encountered for small and medium sized businesses. It is saving two of my customers HOURS AND HOURS of time every month — and the support is superior. Prompt responses to emails and questions, and a tireless search for the best solution to any problem we may have encountered. Do not hesitate to buy and use PDF-eXPLODE.»

Craig Moniz

Financial Systems Analyst,

SAGE Publishing, USA

PDF-eXPLODE has significantly improved the vendor remittance process. It has reduced mailing cost and increased efficiencies. We highly recommend the use of PDF-eXPLODE, based on our experience with the product and how we have improved processing, and saved time and money too. We could not be happier with the priority service that 3000AD Systems and Mark Fonseca provide – sometimes within minutes of our email request for ‘Help!’»

Tina Synder

Denali Group, Seattle USA

Denali Group (www.denaligroup.com) is known globally for our experience and expertise in relocation services. With over 54 years moving commercial shipments as well as military personnel, we coordinate local, regional and international relocations from beginning to end. When researching document e-delivery options that would integrate with our MS Dynamics applications, PDF-eXPLODE rose to the top. It was straight forward to implement and has proven a great solution for automating the emailing of invoices. We are currently looking at other applications to extend PDF-eXPLODE to. The support and attention received from 3000AD SYSTEMS was excellent.»

Rudy Ursem

Green Designs, Australia

Our company installs rents and maintains indoor plants and planters in offices and each month send out about 1200 invoices. We produce our invoices using Crystal Reports and the Vision accounting package. In the past we would print and mail out 1200 invoices. The invoices are now either emailed direct, or faxed through a faxing company all using PDF-eXPLODE. Estimated saving per month in time and direct costs is about $1000.00. The support provided by 3000AD SYSTEMS has been first class. They setup PDF-eXPLODE to fit in with the way we work.»

Roger Cann

Business Information Officer,

Running alongside Crystal Reports, PDF-eXPLODE provides us with all the functionality we need to encrypt, name, and distribute individual multi-document files to a growing number of clients, already saving us in the region of £1000 per month. PDF-eXPLODE is an excellent piece of software. I would certainly recommend it to others on the basis that it does what it is supposed to, is very configurable and the support in the initial set-up and learning curve is second to none. Allowing for the time difference, every e-mail I have sent – and there have been quite few – has always been answered straight away with good sound advice. Other suppliers I have dealt with sometimes take days to respond to a support call.»

Becky Barry

Information Services Manager

Northern Pipe Products Inc., USA

Northern Pipe Products Inc. entered the marketplace in 1979, and manufactures the highest quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) pipe. We back our products with a level of service second to none in the industry. We use PDF-eXPLODE daily to send invoices to customers and sales reps. PDF-eXPLODE was easy to set-up and use and saves us time and money. About 75% of our 5,000 annual invoices are sent using PDF-eXPLODE, which we have estimated to be a saving of around $3,750 annually. But there are also some intangible items that are important, like the speedy delivery of customer invoices. I have been very happy with 3000AD /PDF-eXPLODE support. From the initial support when I first went from trial to a purchased product (2010), to the help I received recently for a server migration was great. The tech support people were quick to respond and very knowledgeable.»


Lead Applications Support Specialist,

Old Colonial Mutual, Zimbabwe

PDF-eXPLODE software is proving to be the best middleware that I have worked with so far, easy to use with excellent results. I am loving it. It’s flexible. Old Mutual company is a very large commercial institution in Zimbabwe. In the Old Mutual group, I have used several applications and PDF-eXPLODE has proved to be one of the most ideal tools and easy to use application. As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) person I have enjoyed using it and its flexibility, and also business users have adopted to use it with ease»

Bob Bishop, CPA

Assistant Controller for Revenue Systems and Commissions,

Kinetic Concepts, USA

Kinetic Concept, a national medical device company, has used PDF-eXPLODE for the past five years. KCI used it to replace a rigid web-based system that supported over 1,200 sales reps. The software emailed PDF sales performance reports along with staff rollups to the District Managers and Regional Vice Presidents. KCI was able to downsize its commission department and significantly improve its field reporting. PDF-eXPLODE staff always answered questions and provided support within 24 hours. We highly recommend this product as a low cost solution that is easy to use.»

How does PDF-eXPLODE work?

The following graphic sums up the document or report bursting and delivery process in PDF-eXPLODE:


From within your application or Report Writer, click Print, then select the ‘PDF-eXPLODE’ Printer. Windows processes the output and sends this to the PDF-eXPLODE program for processing

Create Master

PDF-eXPLODE now creates a PDF (referred to as ‘Master PDF’) which contains all pages of the output from Windows

Explode Master

This is where the report bursting occurs. PDF-eXPLODE will ‘explode’ the PDF into multiple PDFs each containing one or more pages based on a hidden «tag» (specially formatted text) in the document


Send burst or exploded PDF documents by E-Mail or FTP (or just archive on your hard disk) with or without additional documents attached (based on rules you define)

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3! The set-up on a Desktop version can take as little as 1 hour to be fully up and running.

PDF-eXPLODE® is a registered Trademark of 3000AD SYSTEMS, Sydney AUSTRALIA, in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AUSTRALIA and other countries.

Copyright © 2006 — 2020 — 3000AD Systems

If you have any questions or comments about the information, please contact : info@pdf-explode.com


Report (aka Document) Bursting is a feature that runs a report only once yet delivers only selected output to each nominated User of the report based on pre-configured rules, thus greatly reducing the processing load of electronic media and manual human effort while still ensuring data security.

It also increases speed /timeliness of delivery. For example, in the case of say 1000 monthly statements, one ‘report bursting’ run will “burst” or “explode” or “split” into 1000 pages, and each user receives a partial report containing one or more pages, with only the information pertaining to them. Each user thus receives a report personalized with information relevant to them. This report is often output as a PDF format and delivered as an attachment by email or uploaded to a website using FTP or distributed via other delivery methods.

A 1000 page report printed, then manually sorted and mailed, could take up to 2 business days to finalize, but with PDF-eXPLODE and e-mail delivery, this could be completed and archived intelligently on your hard drive in around 1 — 2 hours. What a saving in labor, postage and business time! (this would vary depending on report type, computer processing speed and available RAM).

PDF-eXPLODE gives you the opportunity to download a 45 day evaluation version which can email 25 exploded PDFs per batch run. PDF-eXPLODE also has multiple Server versions, besides the Desktop single user version, to suit your business


Top features that emphasize the benefits of PDF-eXPLODE Version 4

Server Editions Available

Support more PDF-eXPLODE users with less work. Multiple users can share a single instance of PDF-eXPLODE on a PDF-eXPLODE server. Three different server configurations are supported — a different license is available for each configuration:

  • PDF-eXPLODE Terminal Server: Licensed per concurrent user, this edition works on a Microsoft Terminal Servicer or a Citrix Server product.
  • PDF-eXPLODE Printer Server: Licensed per concurrent user, this edition works on any computer with PDF-eXPLODE configured as a shared printer.
  • PDF-eXPLODE Report Server: Licensed per server, this edition works on BusinessObjects Enterprise, Crystal Reports Server, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and other servers that run a report scheduler service.

HTML Format E-mail Messages

Create great looking e-mails using HTML. E-mail messages can be formatted using HTML, providing the ability to use fonts and styles, colors, headings, paragraphs, bulleted and number lists, hyperlinks and images. A built-in HTML editor is provided or you may use another HTML editor.

Send E-mail Using Outlook (MAPI)

E-mail may be sent through Microsoft Outlook (i.e. a MAPI client), rather than sending through an SMTP server. This allows you to edit e-mails before sending and to save copies in the Sent folder.

Increased Capacity

Changes in the PDF-eXPLODE architecture improve support for larger and more complex documents with greater speed for exploding and emailing.

PDF-eXPLODE Tag Enhancements

  • You can now include CC and BCC e-mail addresses in the


  • You can now use curly braces (<>)or square brackets ([]) instead of angle brackets (<>). For example: .
  • The maximum length of the contents of a PDF-eXPLODE tag is increased to 240 characters from 190 (i.e. the text between

    Do More with Variables

    • Take control and communicate more using variables.
    • There are 9 variables supported to be able to create specific Tag data related to ‘Fom Address’, ‘PDF Password’, ‘Folders, ‘File name’ You can circumvent the limit of 9 variables using the new VSplit() and MSplit() functions to extract portions of a variable within an e-mail subject or message (see next item).
    • You can manipulate and format variables in e-mail subjects and messages using programming functions, including: VSplit(), MSplit(), Replace(), FormatDate(), Ndays(), Upper(), Lower(), Proper(), Trim(). You can set the Return Path / Reply To address based on the variable used as the From Address .
    • You can also now specify a coversheet file name using a variable on a specific Default Message ID Tag, Client Details or a Client-specific Message ID Tag
    • You can now specify nested folders in a variable used for the exploded file folder. This means you can create a multiple level folder path ‘on the fly’

    Printing PDFs

    A new PDF-eXPLODE specific PDF print engine expands your available functionality like:

    • Print number of copies: If you print to a physical printer, print only / print also, you can now specify the number of copies.
    • You can print PDFs that are password protected

    Drag-and-drop PDF files to explode and e-mail

    If you have created a master PDF with another PDF creator and it includes

    tags, you can drag-and-drop the file onto the PDF-eXPLODE window to explode and e-mail. PDF files using version 1.7 or lower of the PDF format are supported.

    Combine PDF files from the command line

    You can now automate the process of combining master PDF files so that it is possible to include multiple reports into a single e-mail attachment. Use the command line to automate the process.

    More Flexible Cover Sheets

    Now you have more ways to use cover sheets in your e-mails.

    • A cover sheet may now be inserted either at the beginning or the end of the exploded PDF, or as a second attachment to an e-mail.
    • A cover sheet may now be specified on a specific Default Message ID Tag, Client Details or a Client-specific Message ID Tag.
    • Quick Mail now allows you to attach another PDF document, such as a cover sheet.

    Fax Server Support

    A new E-mail Address Format option allows you to control the format of the e-mail addresses you are sending to, which is useful for sending e-mails to a fax server.

    Powerful Utilities

    • A new PDF Splitter utility can be used to explode a PDF having no

    tags, resulting in a separate file per page ( Pg0001.pdf, Pg0002.pdf…Pg9999.pdf.) You can specify a filename prefix.

  • A new PDF Rotate utility can be used to rotate landscape-oriented pages within a PDF to portrait orientation (counter-clockwise 90 degrees).
  • A new PDF Viewer utility program is faster and more accurate.
  • A new PDF Explode and E-mail utility program will process a third party PDF which includes embedded tags from an easy GUI screen.
  • A new Copy Message ID utility program duplicates any currently configured default Message ID and assigns it to a another Message ID, Client or Client-Message ID to enable you to quickly create exception business rules. Very fast and powerful exploding engine can explode and sort up to 20,000 PDF pages in around 4.5 hours (does not include emailing).
  • Support

    PDF-eXPLODE has a few different options and a widely talked about product support that is second to none

    • Free support with a 24 hour turnaround response. for the first 60 days after a new or upgrade purchase.
    • Annual purchased support once the 60 day period has expired. This is inexpensive support 5 days a week by way of phone and internet support and Includes help with implementing your desired functionality (as available within PDF-eXPLODE) along with in-version free upgrades and patches.
    • A comprehensive Knowledge Base that provides details on how to fix problems and provides ideas on different functionality.

    Server Editions

    PDF-eXPLODE is available for three server environments. In a server environment, PDF-eXPLODE runs under the SYSTEM account without the computer being logged-in.

    • PDF-eXPLODE Terminal/Citrix Server: This edition runs on a Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix server. Licensed per concurrent-user, it can be configured so that all users share the same settings or to allow each user to have their own settings. It also supports Citrix Published Apps.
    • PDF-eXPLODE Printer Server: This edition runs on a network shared computer as a shared printer. Licensed per concurrent user, all users share the same settings.
    • PDF-eXPLODE Report Server: This edition runs on a server that is also running a report server such as Business Objects Enterprise, Crystal Reports Server, SQL Server Reporting Services or another report scheduling application. Licensed per server, any report printed by the report server can be directed to PDF-eXPLODE. This edition also includes PDF-eMONITOR Server, providing the option to explode and e-mail PDF files exported by the report server. PDF-eMONITOR works by monitoring an “inbox” folder for newly created PDF files.

    Installing PDF-eXPLODE

    • Install Version 4: Download Now and select Run.
    • Open PDF-eXPLODE.
    • Select Activate online License ID and click Continue.
    • Enter the License ID and Password and click OK.
    • Click Save.
    • Close PDF-eXPLODE.

    System Requirements

    Windows Operating System:

    DESKTOP: Microsoft Windows XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8/10 (PDF-eXPLODE v4+ only)

    SERVERS: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Win 2008 R2/2012 R2/ 2016 (PDF-eXPLODE v4+ only)

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    Memory & Disk Space:

    HARD DRIVE: Minimum 40.5MB of free disk space, plus additional space for PDF files created

    RAM: At least 64MB of free RAM, more during PDF creation

    Song Exploder

    This episode is part of a series I’m doing over the next few months, highlighting film music that I think could and should be considered for an Oscar. These awards episodes are presented in partnership with New York Magazine’s site Vulture. For more, go to vulture.com/awards.

    In the film Arrival, Amy Adams plays a linguist trying to decode an alien language. The score was composed by Jóhann Jóhannsson, his third film collaborating with director Denis Villeneuve. In this episode, Johann breaks down a piece from the score called “Heptapod B,” and how, like the film, it revolves around the concept of language.

    Episode 88: Flatbush Zombies

    Flatbush Zombies are a hip hop trio from Brooklyn that formed in 2010. Their album 3001: A Laced Odyssey came out in 2016, and debuted in the top ten on the Billboard charts. Erick the Architect is one of the three MCs in the band, and he’s also the group’s producer. In this episode, Erick breaks down how their song “Bounce” was made.

    You can buy “Bounce”on iTunes.

    Episode 87: Oathbreaker

    The band Oathbreaker formed in 2008 in Belgium. In this episode, Caro and Gilles from the band break down the two-part song that opens their third album, Rheia. These two tracks, “10:56” and “Second Son of R.,” were written and performed as one song. They talk about how and why their sound transformed from a pure hardcore band to something amalgamated with shoegaze, and Caro talks about her own evolution as a vocalist and a lyricist, writing candidly about her own past.

    You can buy “10:56” and “Second Son of R.”on iTunes.

    “10:56 / Second Son of R.” music video

    How do I solve equation [math]x^2 = e^x[/math] to get the value of x?

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    Answer Wiki

    Well you plot e^x and x^2 . and the point of intersection between the two plots gives you the value of x.
    Its shown below

    as you can see there is only a single value for x for which e^x and x^2 are equal.

    Analytical Method
    Another Method is by using Lambert W function.
    Here goes the solution..

    x^2 = e^x
    x = root(e^x)
    x= exp(x/2 * ln(e))
    x * exp( — (x/2) * ln(e)) = 1
    (- (x/2)*ln(e) ) * exp( — (x/2) * ln(e)) = -1/2 * ln(e).

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