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Специальное предложение от uTrader до 29 ноября

It is well known that the Euler characteristic of the boundary complex of every even-dimensional convex polytope vanishes. In other words, there are equally many odd-dimensional faces as there are even-dimensional faces. This opens the possibility of a symmetric design on high-dimensional spheres. Searching through the dimensions 4 to 24, we have found slices of the well-known Leech lattice that give a multi-cover of the two-dimensional sphere into hexagons. Using extensive computer calculations, we found the parameters under which the layers of the multi-cover match up. In other words, the layers converge to glue to a regular hexagonal tiling of the sphere: the displayed hexasphere design in three dimensions. Please do not rotate the hexasphere with your mouse unless you are not convinced that there are no hidden pentagons in the design.

Computer models show that the hexasphere can be physically realized with carbons forming a mechanically stable configuration that is capable to withstand extreme pressure and temperature. Further applications of the patent protected invention include aero-dynamically superior golf balls and symmetric laser-light distributions, which we hope is a modest step towards the dream of functioning atomic fusion chambers.


Stainless steel hanger for typical exterior uses (pack of 20)

Stainless steel hanger for typical exterior uses. It is available for 10 or 12 mm diameter bolts.

Специальное предложение от uTrader до 29 ноября

Welcome on our new website.

Due to the fact that our offer covers already more than a thousand products, and the previous page did not give the possibility of precise search, we decided to redesign our site.

Now searching for products will be much easier. Thanks to the menu on the right, you can easily find products in the scale, category or from the producer you want by choosing adequate filters.

Due to the huge amount of work that is required to catalog all the products, in the near future the site will be updated with further product galleries.

Белый список русскоязычных брокеров:

We hope that you’ll like the new layout and searching options.

Below you can find all the brand new, n ot yet published sets.


Clamps and Brackets for Tow.

One wing nuts for German vehicles.

Grilles for Jagdpanther Ausf.G1.

German 75 mm Barrel for Kwk 40.

German StuK.40 L/48 7,5cm barrel.

75mm gun barrel with muzzle brake.

20mm gun barrel with prototype.

170mm A/T gun barrel for German.

105 mm M-68 tank barrel for U.S.

122 mm D-25S barrel for Soviet SU-102

Barrel to U.S. M85 cal .50 heavy.

105mm Barrel for Polish concept.

Barrel for German 8,8cm Kw.K 43/3.

Brass hexagonal rods 1,0mm length.

Wood round rods Ø 4mm length.

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