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Китай и Мир

Международная панорама

Оппозиционная Социал-демократическая партия Дании одержала победу на муниципальных выборах

Копенгаген, 23 ноября /Синьхуа/ — На прошедших во вторник в Дании выборах в местные органы власти оппозиционная Социал-демократическая партия Дании /СДПД/ одержала победу, обойдя ведущую партию в правящем правоцентристском альянсе — партию «Венстре».

По итогам голосования, опубликованным избирательным органом Дании в среду, СДПД на нынешних выборах получила поста 45 из 98 мэров городов. На состоявшихся в 2013 году выборах она получала только 35 постов мэров, а партия «Венстре» — 46.

На прошедших в тот день выборах в региональные парламенты СДПД получила поста 4 председателей парламентов в 5 административных областях, а партия «Венстре» — всего один пост председателя.

По итогам подсчета голосов, рейтинг популярности СДПД вырос с 29,5 проц. в 2013 году до 32,5 проц. в нынешнем, а рейтинг популярности партии «Венстре» упал с 26,6 до 23,1 проц.

Премьер-министр Дании Ларс Лекке Расмуссен в тот день признал поражение возглавляемой им партии «Венстре».

coconutBattery 3

The standard for battery reading since 2005

With coconutBattery you are always aware of your current battery health. It shows you live information about the battery quality in your Mac, iPhone and iPad

With coconutBattery you are always aware of your current battery health. It shows you live information about the battery in your Mac, iPhone and iPad including:

    Age of your devices and their batteries How often the battery was charged Your battery health
  • and much more.

You are also able to save the current health information, so you can see the changes of your battery over time.

If you like coconutBattery and want to get the full flavour you should have a look at coconutBattery Plus


Want more? coconutBattery Plus

If you would like to get the latest features first and the best experience of this app or just want to support the future development: Upgrade to coconutBattery Plus

Of course there’s a free trial where you can try the features of the Plus-Upgrade for 14 consecutive starts of coconutBattery

coconutBattery coconutBattery Plus
iOS (7-13) Battery Diagnostic iOS (7-13) Battery Diagnostic
Mac Battery Diagnostic Mac Battery Diagnostic
Save Battery Health Info Save Battery Health Info
Battery Details in Menu Bar Battery Details in Menu Bar
WiFi Support WiFi Support
iOS Battery Lifetime Analyzer iOS Battery Lifetime Analyzer
iOS Advanced Viewer iOS Advanced Viewer
Mac Advanced Viewer Mac Advanced Viewer
Custom printing templates Custom printing templates
Notifications Notifications

WiFi Support

When you have enabled Wi-Fi syncing via iTunes on your iOS device you don’t need to connect the device via USB any more to check its health via coconutBattery

iOS Battery Lifetime Analyzer

If supported by the battery the Lifetime Analyzer will show you lifetime information about your iOS battery like maximum/minimum and average temperature, voltage and charge/discharge rate ranges and battery operating time. You can find the Analyzer in the «Tools» Menu in the Menu Bar.

iOS Advanced Viewer

The advanced viewer shows more information about your iOS device.
Depending on your device it also shows the production facility and the manufacture date of your device battery and much more

Mac Advanced Viewer

The advanced viewer shows more information about your Mac like the health of your SSD.

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The app can notify you if your Mac battery runs out of capacity based on percentage or on time on battery left

Custom printing templates

You can use your own customized HTML templates for printing Mac and iOS device reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my maximum battery health over time?

Among all the tips these should be the most practical:

  • Try to avoid high temperatures
  • When you know you’ll not use your MacBook for a longer time, discharge the battery to about 50%-80%, power down the MacBook and keep the charger unplugged
  • For iOS devices: The faster your battery is charged the more this affects battery health in a negative way. Charging via USB will often be better for the battery as using a wall charger.
My current maximum capacity is higher than the design capacity. What’s wrong?

«Design capacity» is the capacity your battery should have, when it left the factory. As battery manufacturing is still a more or less chemical process, it may be higher (congratulations) or lower when it is put into your MacBook.

When I connect my iOS device I only get the message «Access to iOS device denied»

Before coconutBattery can access the device you have to «trust» your Mac on the device.
If you haven’t received this popup from iOS yet, please try to connect the device via USB and open iTunes (Or Finder -> Your iOS Device in macOS Catalina). This should force up all the trust dialogs from iOS and macOS

Battery percentage on my iOS device differs from the percentage coconutBattery is showing. What’s wrong?

iOS uses a defensive calculated battery capacity value to define 100% (and the percentage calculation). coconutBattery reads out the raw battery data and can give you more precise information.
(for example you will see that the device actually is still charging when iOS tells you that it is fully charged).

Where can I find the Mac and iOS Advanced Viewer in coconutBattery Plus?

For the iOS Viewer please open the «iOS Device» Tab in coconutBattery Plus, click on «Device details» and then click on the Info icon in the top right corner

For the Mac Viewer please open the «Mac details» popup in the main view and then click on the Info icon in the top right corner

What is the «Lifetime used» of my SSD shown in the Advanced Viewer for my Mac?

Cells inside current SSD devices can only be written a finite amount of time.
To make sure the drive will hold as long as possible the all SSD devices contain an intelligent firmware which is distributing writes evenly across the drive.
These algorithms are monitoring any write activity and are calculating a so called «Wear Level» or «Lifetime used» value which is an indicator of the remaining endurance of the drive (i.e. if 10% of the SSD lifetime has been used this means that the drive as reached 10% of its estimated lifespan)

A «Lifetime used» of 100% does not indicate imminent drive failure but is a good indicator of overall health of the drive.

My iOS device isn’t available in coconutBattery Plus via Wi-Fi. How do I enable Wi-Fi sync?

Please open iTunes (or the Finder since macOS 10.15 Catalina) and switch to your iOS device. Please enable the «Sync with this iPhone/iPad over Wi-Fi» option

The Collation

July 23, 2015 | By Erin Blake

Five weeks, and seventeen back-and-forth notes and letters. That’s what it took for the Folger Shakespeare Library’s first director, William Slade, to overcome the architects’ doubts that the library really d > 1 Why was it so important for the Folger to have a high-capacity Photostat machine?

Simply put, photostats revolutionized the study of rare books in the 1910s and 1920s. 2 For the first time, libraries could quickly make reasonably affordable reproductions of their holdings available for consultation off site. Research that had once been cost-prohibitive because it required in-person travel or photography suddenly became possible.

Traditional photography had been used for reproducing rare books since at least the late 1850s, but it was expensive and time-consuming. The Famous Victories of Henry the fifth that was produced in 1857. According to the handwritten note by J.O. Halliwell-Phillipps on the endleaves of the four copies at the Folger, “The negatives are destroyed and only ten perfect copies are preserved.” They are now almost illegibly pale.’> 3 With traditional photography, the camera captures a latent image on light-sensitive transparent film or glass that is then developed and fixed to produce a transparent negative. Next, the transparent negative is exposed onto light-sensitive paper, and then that latent image is developed and fixed to create a positive image on paper. Photostats completely bypass the film stage by exposing the image directly onto a long roll of light-sensitive paper, and greatly speed up the other steps by having them all happen inside the machine while new images continue to be taken.

City of Winnipeg Archives. Photostat Camera and Operator, 1954 (A568 File 15 Item 6)

Basically, the photostat machine is a great big camera with a built-in processing lab attached at the back. The operator puts an original document face-up on a flat bed in front of the camera, and the camera’s lens assembly projects an image of the document onto the roll of sensitized paper. After about ten seconds of exposure, the operator winds the paper forward for the next shot, moving the exposed paper past a sheet trimmer and into the chemical baths that develop and fix the image. Photostats could be air-dried, but to speed up the process, the Folger’s machine included an electric dryer with conveyor belts.

The Folger’s photostat machine was built around an opening in a wall wall so that the paper coming out the back could arrive in a darkroom (the “Laboratory” in the architectural plan). However, because the rooms had been built for a smaller machine, space was tight, and the plumbing and electrical outlets were in the wrong places. With plenty of help from the Washington office of the Photostat Corporation (which also preferred that the library purchase the $2,190 No. 4 system, not the No. 2) the architects managed to make it work in the existing space, seen below in a detail from the original plans for the Folger’s second floor. 4

Detail of Photostat Room and Laboratory from Sheet 5 (“Second Floor”) of Folger Shakespeare Library plans, Nov. 4, 1929.

The importance of the photostat room was noted in press and publicity when the library opened in 1932. For instance, a gushing description of the Tudor-style Reading Room in a supplement to The Washington Post ends with “[Mr. Folger’s] capacity to sympathize with the modern scholar’s requirements is exemplified by the fact that a properly equipped photostatic laboratory is h > The Washington Post, April 23, 1932, page 1 of supplement.’> 5

Because photostats are direct images, the blacks and whites are reversed, like a film negative in traditional photography. The Folger copy of the 1656 translation of Jean-Nicolas de Parival’s History of this iron age (Hamnet record) includes an example:

Damaged leaf followed by a negative photostat of the same leaf from another copy of the book. Notice that the photostat itself has deteriorated: the “silver mirroring” or “silvering” causing reflection in parts of the dark areas is the result of silver oxidation in the light-sensitive emulsion.

As you can see from the photo, the last leaf of the volume has major losses to the text. Photostats of the same pages from an undamaged copy were inserted when the book was conserved and rebound. 6

If you only need one copy of a page, and don’t already have a photostat of that page on file, a negative photostat is the cheapest way to go: you make a photostat of the page, and you’re done. But if you make a photostat, then make a photostat of that photostat, the negative/positive reverses again, and you get black letters on a white page. But you’ve just spent twice as much on supplies. For example, leaves b2 and b3 are missing from the introduction to the Folger copy of the 1688 edition of The lives of the popes (Hamnet record), so positive photostats of from Harvard’s copy are provided in a separate envelope:

Two missing leaves provided separately as positive photostats from another copy.

Because positive photostats are second-generation copies, the letters are usually a bit fuzzier than in negative photostats, but they’re much easier on the eye to read.

The Bibliographical Society of America devoted their 1921 annual meeting to the topic of photostats and photographic reproductions in bibliographic research. Reading The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, volume 15, part 1, you could substitute “digital image” for “photostat” and almost invariably have something that sounds like it was written in the past ten or fifteen years.

Just as people today dream of digitizing at least one copy of every book ever, people in 1921 dreamed of a coordinated system to make a negative photostat of every book. George P. Winship, librarian of the W > The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, volume 15, part 1, page 41.’> 7 To be fair, he was only talking about every book and future book in American libraries, not the whole world, but that’s still a lot of books.

Henrietta C. Bartlett, who used photostats extensively when comparing Shakespeare quartos, included a warning about their limitations in her praise:

The only serious “out” is that one cannot tell anything about the paper and therefore cannot tell whether the leaf is genuine or spurious, whether it originally belonged there or was from another copy or edition, whether some leaves have been canceled or not. … The photostat is better, I believe, than any other method of reproduction, but it should not be cons > The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, volume 15, part 1, page 14.’> 8

During the discussion period following Chester March Cate’s presentation “The Photostat and the Huntington Library,” attendees “spoke of the possibility of altering or faking photostat copies” and worried about “the permanency of reproduced copies.” The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, volume 15, part 1, page 50’> 9 H. H. B. Meyer, Chief Bibliographer at the Library of Congress, supported the plan to create a central depository of photostatic negatives, and agreed that the Library of Congress would be the best place for it, but had to allow as how it was impossible at the moment because the library “was unable to do its own work properly, owing to lack of resources.” The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America, volume 15, part 1, page 52.’> 10 Does any of this sound familiar?

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